This entry was originally posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Sometimes that hard edge is just too stubborn for the synthetic brush.

That is when the big gun needs to come out.


(not to be confused with the soft synthetic scrub brush, of course)

Mine is similar to the Fritch Scrubber that is sold at art stores as a very special scrub brush.

 I once left my Fritch in the water and the handle cracked (oops!) then I lost it (probably on purpose),

then I found myself in Canada with no suppliers of Fritch Scrubbers. Oh no!

What to do?!!! I panicked!! Okay, not really cuz that would be breaking my third rule.

Instead I found a brush that was among my oil brushes but had never been used. It was a hog’s hair bristle type brush. And I cut off the end and made it look like my Fritch Scrubber. Only I discovered that it worked better. Ha!

 So you don’t need any special brand of brush. Any type of hard brush will work. Just cut off the tip and you can scrub away those little mistakes.

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