Near Home, graphite, 9 x 14.5"

Near Home, graphite, 9 x 14.5″


Do you just love the look of a really well done pencil drawing and wish you had the patience to draw one yourself? Me too!

I love the look of pencil and I especially love creating in pencil.  While I find drawing meditative, sometimes I don’t enjoy filling in those base uniform layers of my work.  Creating  detail with pencil is awesome and I love how the strokes can shape an object. However, at times I wish that I didn’t have to shade and smudge the pencil in an area before I add detail. For one, I am not patient enough to do all that work only to smudge it. For another, I find it quite messy and I always get it all over my hand and then other parts of my drawing.

Years ago I saw the Art Graf water soluble graphite at the art store and thought that it was just black paint. I didn’t really pay much attention to it because I love watercolor and I love color. I had not worked in graphite for many years. I did rediscovered my love of pencil a few years ago and have been doing more graphite work since then. And what is really wonderful about teaching a drawing course, is that I notice drawing materials even more. So as I was exploring new drawing materials, I again came across the Art Graf graphite and thought I would at least give it a try.

And you know what? I absolutely love it! It is like painting in watercolor. It allows me to create loose and dramatic skies and base layers of graphite for my drawings before I add the detail.

YouTube Video:

I did review the Art Graf product and created a video about it for my drawing students but thought I would post it on YouTube and share it with you.  The scene is from the area where I live, which as an artist,  I find to be very inspiring. Soooo many creative possibilities.



Process Photos:

This first one is just the water soluble graphite before I added pencil strokes.


Here I start to add the pencil strokes.


Near Home Final

The final drawing


If interested in trying out the Art Graf water-soluble graphite, you can head over to Amazon and purchase it in my storefront at

And yes, I do get a commission on the sale.  I appreciate the support you offer me and my business. It allows me to keep doing what I love and to keep me trying new products to share with you. Thank you.

The drawing is also available for purchase on my gallery website at

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