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I was able to complete 2 more paintings. These are around the same size as the other 2. One is of the Maine coastline.The other one is of a potting shed in Windham, NH that was torn down shortly after I took the photo.

My goal for these small paintings is use my largest brush only (a round #12) and to try to do it in an hour. The NH one may have been the exception. It was done as an exercise for one of my classes. I have a harder time concentrating on what I am doing if I need to demonstrate! The lesson was to do a painting using only raw sienna, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue. I was trying to teach the importance of values and that any color scheme can be used in a painting as long as the values are correct.

Thank you to all of you that voted for my paintings at the Sidney Fine Art Show for Viewer’s Choice. Not sure who won the award but I appreciate the support I received from many of you. Several of my students mentioned to me that they voted for Vermeer’s Coffepot. So thank you.
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