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Throughout the month of March I will be showing some of the paintings that are on exhibit at the Gallery Cafe. This painting is of the Parliament building in Victoria and the Harbour Ferries. It is another pour.
I will explain how I do a pour to those of you that are not familiar with the process.
I begin with deciding which areas I want to leave white. I will then use a resist or masking fluid to save that white area.  I now wet the paper and I pour liquid watercolor across the paper. This will establish my next light value. After it dries, I do another layer of masking fluid to save the colors that I want. Then I wet the paper again and pour more liquid watercolor. I continue to build up layers of masking fluid and poured paint. Each time I make the liquid paint more concentrated and I use an eye dropper to control some of the color. I do this about 4-5 times until I get the desired result. Finally, I pull off the masking fluid and viola! I have a painting. It is magic.
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