Orpheum Theater

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Orpheum Theater

I was suppose to have this painting done by now. But it isn’t.

I was suppose to have posted a week ago. And I didn’t.
I have a huge show that goes up in one month and I am suppose to be further along with everything.
And I am not.
The other day I needed to clean my studio and my house. I have class on Fridays in my studio and since it is spring break here, one of my students was bringing her kids along to hang out with my son during the class. Not only was my studio a mess but so was my house. And I needed to find the photos a client left with me. They are coming next week to pick up the painting and their photos. Do you think I remember where I put the photos? No! They left them with me before I moved!
So I decided to go through my filing system to try to find them. My filing system is a few boxes of papers thrown into them. (I may seem organized but I am sooooo NOT!!!) On Thursday afternoon I had one table covered with papers from one box o’ stuff. Another covered with my painting, palette, brushes, etc. And a third covered with what I was photographing for Watercolor Weapons.
I went through the papers. Didn’t find the client’s photos but I did throw out lots of paper. Yeah for me! 
Then I started to clean up the painting stuff, sweep the studio, and take out the garbage. Got that done. In the middle of it, my husband texted me and asked me to send him some info. Booted up the computer, found the stuff, sent it off. Only took 45 min. Then my daughter (who was visiting friends for spring break) texted me just to chat. I love that she does that but that meant taking the time to text back. And I am slow at texting.
In the meantime, I put my reference photos for Orpheum in a place where I would be sure to find them.
What did I do Friday? Ha! No painting for sure. More cleaning of the house though. 
Yesterday I went to find the reference photos so I could finish the painting and couldn’t remember where that special spot was.
Spent an hour looking for them.
Decided I must have put them in the pile of papers that I tossed into the recycling. Thank goodness the recycling isn’t picked up til Tuesday. But they weren’t there. Now I felt like I was going crazy. I lay down on the floor of my studio, stared at the ceiling and tried to tell myself to forget about it. Work on another painting and it will appear sometime in the next month. 
By this time I was exhausted though. Went out to a movie the night before. Had a long run that morning. (Did I tell you I am training for a 10K? That is a whole other story!) Went grocery shopping and ran out to the ferry to pick up my daughter. I really needed a nap and it was time to put in the roast that was planned for Sunday’s dinner and became Saturday’s dinner because we are apparently are now going out to dinner on Sunday. 
So I put in the roast and decided to lay down for 30 min. Then I will work on dinner and after dinner I will paint. Perhaps that special spot will come to me in a dream. It didn’t. And the 30 min nap turned into an hour nap. It was now nearly 6 and still no painting. After dinner, dishes. After dishes, Watercolor Weapons. After WW, the kids wanted to watch a movie with me. The list goes on. 
Among all this I kept going back to my studio trying to find those darn photos.
And guess what? I found them!!
You’ll never believe where.
Underneath my palette where I was sure to find them the next time I opened it to paint.
Only I thought I needed my photos before I opened my palette to paint.
But by this time it was dark in my studio and I really don’t like painting in a cold, dark studio.
Plus my studio is a mess once again as I tore it apart looking for the photos I put away to make it look clean.

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  • Glad you found those pictures, I hate it when that happens, and every time I vow to get more organized (and it doesn't happen). I really like the picture of the Orpheum, are you sure it isn't finished?

  • I make that vow every week. I spend more time looking for things than actually doing anything about it! The painting is very close to being finished. It looks more complete on this small scale but there are a few things that I need to do to it before I can call it complete.

  • Holy Cats, Leslie!!! I was exhausted just reading your post!!! :) ACK – housework – bad word!
    But your painting of the Orpheum street scene is fabulous! I love it – it just takes me right into the street.I hope your life is a bit calmer now.

  • Kathryn, you find that exhausting! That is nothing!! What til you hear about my days once school starts up again! I am glad you like the painting. I have enjoyed doing a night scene.