This entry was originally posted on Friday, February 10, 2012.

The past few weeks I almost forgot one of the most important things I do when it comes to painting.

That is I paint until I feel like painting.

If you must know, I don’t feel like painting everyday. Some days I would rather read. Or sleep. Or watch TV.

There are all sorts of excuses I have for not painting.

But because painting is my livelihood, paint I must. So I show up in my studio every morning and paint until I feel like painting.

Recently this has not worked for me. Finally I said, enough is enough. Get to work.

So I told myself that I will spend one hour in the studio painting and I will paint until I feel like painting.

And you know what?

I painted all day.

It felt good. Happy.

My tip is if you are having a hard time getting into the painting groove, paint something simple and easy.

Tell yourself that you will paint for 15-30 min.

Then before you know it, you feel like painting.

And you paint like mad.

Now I must return to my studio and my latest creation.

Leslie Lambert

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