Poppies by Request
Poppies have always been one of my favorite flowers to paint. Especially the red oriental poppies. I am happy to know that others like them as well. I am asked quite often to paint these beautiful flowers by students and clients.
The above painting is another one of my crazy, fun pours. Only this pour is done once. First, I draw out some poppies then I save them by using masking fluid. The masking fluid allows me to not worry about splashing the paint onto those beautiful poppies that I will paint in later.
The color is then tipped onto the paper and I blow the paint around and spray the paper with water to get it flowing. When the paint has dried, the masking fluid is removed and the poppies are painted in (there are 2 done that way in this painting). Then I “find” more flowers, leaves, and pods and create them with negative painting (including the one red poppy on the upper left)
This is a process I like to teach my students for several reasons. It shows how you have to let water move and mix the paint (it is water color after all). The negative painting is great with watercolor because you have to learn to leave your white/light colors and paint in your darks. It is essential if you want to succeed with watercolor. And last, it is sooo much fun!
I am teaching this type of course at two places this spring.
 Maplewood House
April 30-May 1
Campbell River, BC
May 7-9
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