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Egg Tempera
Every once in awhile I take the time away from watercolor and work in egg tempera.
Although I love the movement of watercolor, I also enjoy the stillness of egg tempera and find that it works well for certain subjects.
Egg tempera is where is egg is used as a binding agent, similar to the gum arabic in watercolor.
You can layer the paint similar to watercolor and it has a beautiful luminous glow when it completely dries.
For the paintings, I use ground pigments and mix them with egg yolk. The thing with egg tempera is that you have to use the paint once it is mixed. There is no leaving it overnight and returning the next day. Because of this, I don’t do many paintings with this medium. However, if I had longer stretches of time in my studio, I would no doubt do more.
The painting was done from a photograph I took of a woman at Pioneer Village in Salt Lake City, Utah some years ago. I don’t remember her name but I am grateful for her willingness to be my model.
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