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By John Singer Sargent

Sunday Secrets this week is from Elizabeth in Montana.

It is “Who is your favorite artist/teacher/style of painting?”

Thank you Elizabeth for your many questions!

I love answering them.

I have many favorite watercolorists.
They are John Singer SargentWinslow Homer, and Andrew Wyeth.
All of whom are no longer living but have been a huge influence on my own work.

However, one of my favorite artist and teacher is one and the same.

And it is probably because she does my favorite style of painting.

I call her the Watercolor Goddess.

It is Mary Whyte.

I discovered Mary’s work when I first started doing watercolor many years ago and found inspiration in her portraits. Portrait and figures are what I enjoy doing the most so her work immediately resonated with me.

I was fortunate and blessed to attend one of her workshops this past October.

She is an extremely gracious person that was willing to share of her time, her talent, and her knowledge, especially since she doesn’t need to. She is perhaps the best known living watercolorist in the world and no doubt has a very demanding schedule. I am positive that her gracious attitude is what makes her art so great.

It shows in everything that she does.

What I enjoyed about her workshop is that she was able to tell me what I needed to do to bring myself and my work to a higher level.

We painted everyday for five days from life and I was in heaven!

I don’t usually have the time or the means to hire models and it was good for me to get back to that.

Her style is what I have always enjoyed about watercolor and it is something I try to achieve in my own paintings.

It is the combination of control and spontaneity.

Hard and soft edges.

Realism and Impressionism.

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