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Sunday Secrets (and not so secret secrets)

Since starting this blog I have received a couple of emails with questions about some of my painting preferences and techniques.

So I have decided to dedicate Sundays to answering these questions.

One question that Elizabeth from Montana asked was

 What brand is your palette?

I actually have several palettes. All of them are plastic. I keep several palettes around my studio because I like to work on different paintings at the same time. I can keep the mixtures I have made for a painting in one palette while I move on to the next painting and its designated palette.
So my palettes are these.

I have a John Pike watercolor palette which looks like this:
(I actually have 2)

It is the most common and popular in the States.

I also have a round palette which is a Robbie Laird palette.

That is the one that you have seen before. It is wonderful because it has several pans that come out of it for different mixes of paint. It is my current favorite because of the pans.

Then I also have a travel palette. I am not sure the brand. I think it wore off from so much use.

This is what it looks like:

This palette I take with me everywhere since it is so convenient to travel with (hence the name of travel palette)

Finally, I have all sorts of containers that litter my studio. I don’t know why I have so many but I tend to lose them among my things and can never find the one that has the color I need in it. Crazy. But sometimes when that genius shows up, you don’t want to waste time finding and washing out a container.

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