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Willows Elementary School

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Willows Elementary School
Poured Watercolor
This year is the 100th year celebration for the local elementary school- Willows Elementary. To commemorate this event, it was requested that I do a painting of the school. This painting will be donated to be hung in the front entrance. It will also be made into notebooks and other items that will be used to raise money for the school.
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  • Meera Rao says:

    I love your poured watercolors–they are so gorgeous -luminous and fresh!

  • Prabal says:

    This is absolutely lovely. And the cause for which it is made makes it so adorable.

  • Thank you Meera and Prabal. I do enjoy the luminosity that the pours give to the painting. It is an honor that I was asked to do this painting for my son's school and the community.

  • I really like this painting Leslie. It has an old world feel and the complementary color scheme is great. What a nice way to support your son's school. I'm sure everyone is thrilled with the painting.

  • RH Carpenter says:

    Your poured paintings are so strong – good light and darks. I find when I pour watercolor, I come up a bit whimpy when it comes to darks or go too dark too soon. This will look great in the entrance and what a great way to donate. Just think of all the kids who may see this and think, I would like to paint like that!!

  • Leslie I love this painting of Willows School. It brings back wonderful memories of hours spent on that school ground dropping off and picking up. You've really captured the heritage of the building and memories for all of us. Beautiful job! I also love your Jingle Bell.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It is so nice to see how others feel about your work. I like what you said about the old world feel, Nancy. The comment about kids seeing the painting and wanting to paint like that really put it into perspective for me. Wow! What a thought.
    I am glad it brought back memories for you Claire. That was my hope.