Purple Pinstripes
Butter and Sugar
Two of my paintings have been selected for inclusion in the Federation of Canadian Artists Blossoms Show.
They are the two paintings above, Purple Pinstripes and Butter and Sugar.
I entered both and was pleased that they both got in.
The show runs April 3-15 at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.
Both of these paintings were already framed for another show but I discovered that Butter and Sugar had fallen in the frame. I had bought some new linen tape to hold my paintings in place but realized that it doesn’t work very well. Almost every painting I use it with falls off the mat. 
I have since bought new tape but now I needed to reframe the painting.
Now you need to understand something.
It is the bane of my existence as an artist.
My kids know that the only time I swear is when I am framing.
They have since learned to avoid the dark cloud of profanities coming from my studio whenever I do need to frame.
My whole framing experience started over the weekend just for this one painting.
I unscrewed the screws. Peeled off the backing. Pulled out the painting. And retaped it to the mat.
Easy enough. 
This is when the problems start. 
I try to wipe down the plexiglass very carefully using a damp cloth, then a dry one, and finally a dusting brush.
But no matter what I do, there is always dust and ever worse: black dog hair!!!
I threaten my dog with a shaver everytime I see those black dog hairs. 
I finally get rid of the hairs, put it back in the frame, secure it and go to put on another paper backing to discover I am out of double sided tape.
Of course.
I always run out of something while framing. I am actually surprised I got this far along before I discovered this. Okay. I need to go buy tape. Sigh. Don’t feel like that now. I will go tomorrow to Staples to get tape. Good thing it is only Sunday.
Only on Monday my husband needs the car. 
Okay. I can do it Tuesday. Paintings aren’t due until Thursday. Plenty of time to go Tuesday. So I go Tuesday. It is only an hour of my time out of my day to get tape. Plus I need it to secure my bio and my acceptance notification to the back of the painting. But I need to find those on my computer first. And I have a folder filled with about 20 bizillion different bios depending what I need them for. Looking for the right one, printing out 2 as well as trying to find that darn acceptance email only took about 30 min. That is a record.
Okay. Stuff secured to the back.
Whew! I look at the clock to figure out if I have time to take them to Granville Island.
I figure in need 90 min. for that trip. 
Nope. Need to pick up the kids in just over an hour. Wednesday will work.
So yesterday after my long run, I finally made it to the Gallery.
And it wasn’t raining. I hate delivering paintings in the rain. 
It only took me 3 days and 2 hours to do so.
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  • Angela Fehr says:

    I love this post! I hate framing too and frame maintenance even more. I had to unframe the painting I submitted to the Blossoms exhibit so I could photograph it properly – turns out my original photo was too low res – and then it wasn't chosen which is probably good since I have to figure out how to ship it from northern BC!
    Your irises are beautiful – full of light. congratulations on being part of the show.

  • Isn't that the worst?! I had to do that to one of my paintings the other day also. Yes, be glad you don't have to deal with shipping it. I have a piece going to Seattle and I lay awake at night trying to figure out the best way to get it there. But keep trying, your work is beautiful and deserves to be seen!

  • Sadami says:

    Congrats on your work!!
    …and very happy to know I'm not alone regarding the emotions towards framing…

  • The thing I find about framing is either it goes perfectly or every part of the process is a fight, never anything in between with me.
    Congratulations on having two paintings accepted.

  • Leslie, I was laughing as I read your post today! Ah, the trials and tribulations of being an artist!! And I must say, you gripe so well! :)
    Oh, right. I've got some animal clippers. I'll help you hold your dog, and then we can work on my cat, the chinchillas, and maybe Bruno, if you're feeling brave.

  • It is nice to know that I am not the only one who hates framing as much as I do! Gillian, it sounds like you at least have success every once in a while. I have NEVER had a good experience with framing. Kathryn, thank you. I try my best at griping. I have had lots of practice with it. I will gladly have you come over with your clippers and I will help hold down your cat:)

  • Robben says:

    Dear Leslie,

    I can relate to resisting framing. Honestly I can't even take photography well enough from a fear of gaining in popularity. If
    we only knew then, what we know now, about what it means to represent, we wouldn't need animated maniquins to exhibit a model of behaviors.

  • It is so nice to hear that others have the same problems as me. Glad your pictures made it to the show. I also have one of my tulip pictures in the show. I must admit my framing went much smoother than yours!!