This entry was originally posted on Friday, January 27, 2012.

Quite often I see students bring in their containers of water for my classes.

They are usually these pathetic little tubs that barely hold a cup of water.

Or I see them struggling with these large ice cream buckets (you know the ones- the big gallon containers)

I find that neither of these work.

First of all, the water in little container get dirty so quickly that you are either painting grey paintings or you need to refill it every few minutes.

The big gallon ones are great if you don’t want to get clean water often but it takes up so much room on your table that you don’t know where to put your painting. Plus it is more awkward to carry.

My suggestion is to use a container that is only about a 4 cup size (or 750-800ml)

like an empty peanut butter or yogurt container.

Not too small and not too big.
Just right.

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