This entry was originally posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love new brushes. They are so beautiful and their point is still so perfect. But that doesn’t last forever.

So I have figured out a system for my brushes.

My newest sable brush (a #6 round) is for my portrait work. Portraits require more detail and precision so that is why I start there. I can usually do 2-3 portraits with the brush still feeling new. When it has lost that feeling, I move it to my florals. Then I move it on to my landscapes, which doesn’t require as much precision. When it has finally had enough, it is used for mixing colors or becomes an oil brush. Sometimes my kids snag it before it gets there.

It became hard for me to keep track of which brush was which until I started to label them.

The first thing I do to a new brush when I am ready to paint with it is put a sticker or some masking tape on the end of it. Then I just put the month/year. That way I can know if it is my newest brush or one of the older ones.

 Much easier to keep track of my multiple brushes now.

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