Island Treasures
This weekend I am teaching a course called Old Growth Forests of Vancouver Island in Watercolor.
The above piece is what we are painting.
It is a scene from near Lake Mesachie which is south of Cowichan Lake.
I called it Island Treasures because there are so many wonderful things to be found in the forests of the island. It is also a part of Canada’s Mossiest Maple Rainforest. The rainforest is in the territory of the Hul’qumi’num First Nations group. It is a forest of big leaf maple trees that are draped in gardens of mosses and ferns. Other old growth forests in Canada are coniferous (firs, cedars, spruce, etc). This rainforest has mostly deciduous or broad leaf trees. 
The Rainforest is also nicknamed Fangorn Forest after the ancient forest in “Lord of the Rings”
Unfortunately, this forest is not protected. It would be good if this area received the recognition and protection that it deserves.
More information and images can be here.
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