View From Jericho
watercolor on clayboard
I posted a few weeks ago a painting that I had been working on and was able to finally called it complete last night.
Of course I had to call it complete because it went up this afternoon as part of my show at the Jericho Arts Centre here in Vancouver.
View From Jericho is the view from Jericho Beach on the west side of Vancouver.
Jericho Arts Centre is just down the street from the beach.
It is a small local theatre that hangs artwork of local artists.
I was pleased that they chose my work.
It is my first real gig here in Vancouver so I hope that it is successful and my name will be forever burned into art patrons minds. 
Here is how all my paintings look after they were hung:
The show runs from now until May 20.
It was suppose to run until May 15 but the dates were changed at the last minute. I thought I would have those paintings that don’t sell back for my studio tour. So I had to make some last minute decisions about which of my new paintings would go in and which would be in my tour. 
Only those patrons of the Jericho Arts Centre will see the paintings.
However, if you are interested in seeing them, please let me know.
I will try to arrange a time for a viewing.
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